931 AM 97% ll AT&T Life in America is disturbing think it is time for a new revolution they dont care about us or the people vets first responders or anyone that has done a dam thing to do what the constitution stands for time to hit the reset button all are military knows this too we need to stop its getting to out of hand so I say let's go let's take back America lets do thisenough is enough are money should go to all the ones that put it in not just a bunch of lazy sacks of shit that think there intideled let's go men and women that keep it going but we as a people have no say fuck that and fuck the cowards that think it but wont do shit about it Were are the real ones Who say you! Like Send Comment 4 Been saying similar speeches for years now C'mon everyone just sit there and look at your paycheck every week That should disturb you most but noooooo0 you just sit there and watch your television and play on the net Write a comment GIF I like my revolutionaries angry and illiterate Meme

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