941 tmi thread 2 Mod BEST COMMENTS Its-Emily2m Like Ruth But Evil Masturbating makes me hate myself -> so l don't masturbate -> body is like fuck you wet dream > now the situation is worse -> rinse repeat -dumbbitchjuice- 1m crack addict I hate myself so much I feel like an obnoxious idiot and people only ever think about me cause I'm annoying them I'm a fucking loser Reply 3 El-Guanaquito 1m FUCK ICE the times i been groped and flashed prolly effected my ability to get physically intimate 8ari Now-carter 17m all my problems b my fault i'm dumb gonna go keep being dumb new-patek Now got a bae in the bay im bubblin inna bath rn Add a comment feels weird when i only non srs comment onna thread Meme

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