943 AM a redditcom Sprint 22% reddit V Also of note Einstein literally was a cousin fucker He left his wife and two children to marry his cousin llsa because he missed hanging out with her at family functions as a little kid His sons were so despondent after being ignored one of them ended up in a mental institution httpsenmwikipediaorgwikiElsa_Einstein Elsa Einstein 18 January 1876-20 December 1936 was the second wife and cousin of Albert Einstein Their mothers were sisters making them first cousins Weird that Socialists look to him for moral guidance -22 And Thomas Jefferson raped his slaves Weird that Americans look to him for moral guidance I can play stupid logic-fallacy games too It almost seems like ethics are things separate and apart from people 16h Whataboutism Not to mention Einstein was a cousin banger in modern society and the run up to the nuclear age not in 1797 16h Consenting adults Who gives a fuck? Edit lol at this dude talking about sexual morality Meme

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