948 pm Kathryn Did Bear Grylls ever show up? Whilst eating leaves l'd dared to gather Mind on thinking things I'd rather Gnaw on than my things no matter! For the coming of the Grylls Heard a twig snap while still feeding Got my heartbeat all a-beating Could it be what I was needing? Forest empty of the Grylls When would be the hoped-for meeting? But myself I was deceiving Never would my quest's completing Bring to pass the mighty Grylls Pack-ed I my paltry acorns Gazed at berries with a deep scorn Sky was dark and I most forlorrn Whence would I go without Grylls? Crossing creek log burst asunder Into water liquid thunder Couldn't live long trapped there under Water How would survive Grylls? Snatch a beaver! Hitch together Five with hide I'd turned to leather Chariots of chubby measure In the style of wiley Grylls Out of river into safety! Next get beavers all to help me To build bridge by gnawing down trees Then feasted we on bark we grilled BadeI bye to aqua beasties Now my ordeal was completies Strode I from the leafy tall trees Like my hero Señor Grylls On a rock A curious scrawling Heard adventure came I calling You did great! Now no more stalling Looked I up the Beary Grylls o Today I am speechless What an incredible saga On a scale of 000-000-000 to 999-999-9999 how incredible was it? Delivered Haha I'd say it's Type a message Man Vs Convo Meme

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