952 rgaming Posted by u' 11h ireddit S 1 I've worked at the same game store for the last six years and have never seen anything as cool as this in person Both my store and receipt location is Gadsden AL Gaming Video Games Nintendo TM WALAMART WE SELL FOR LESS MANAGER ROSE ANN WHITLEY 256 547 2637 ST# 0301 0P 00000069 TE# 68 TR 08777 004549673073 008616227623 003650000045 SUBTOTAL 8000 % 299 13 o 300 J 4691 375 5066 5066 000 GR-POKE RED VIDEO CORONET TWL TAX 1 TOTAL CHECK TEND CHANGE DUE TCA 7352 6707 1892 8949 8441 SHOP AT HOME WW WAL-MARTCOM 12498 110456 Niniendo UNKCTO BLUE VERSION TO CATCH ALL IDU MOSDID ESRB 176k Award 928 Share SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL 11h trying to sell an unopened copy of this game ? I dont really understand what is going on So someone was Reply 238 11h Yes The customer traded this in for cash as well as with some other items and they walked out happy to say the least 213 Strubbestition 14m Idk about that I highly doubt it I saw this EXACT same photo or last week from a different redditor Clearly you stole the photo and I feel like you're making all of this up different sub reddit earlier this on a t 1 VIEW ALL COMMENTS Add a comment X GAMFBOY Redditor claims to have had this come through her store for trade in I know for a fact I've seen this photo elsewhere After I called them out the linked me a broken imgur link as proof that it's her original photo Meme

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