959 1 ab Like Comment Share hared a post Sterday at Thursday at 1116 AM Something to think about Wake upit'll be murder!! Not self inflicted pray he's not found hanging in a jail cell!!!He's angry because he's being set up!!!!!! And lately that ends up resulting in death they'll fake a suicide but they will kill say what y'all want I feel his emotion and pain and when he say they trying to Kill him he telling the truth-he mentioned something about getting the publishing back for all his music when he made that 19-minute song admit it that's when all this started!! They did it to Michael Jackson they did it to Prince they did it to Tupac Michael Jackson told you they were going to kill him and so did Tupac nobody listened and where they at now-DEADas soon as Prince got the rights to his music he mysteriously died!! Bill Cosby tried to buy NBC where is he?? Jail!!! This attack on the black man-black artist-black celebrity has got to stop! e a comment Remix to incarceration Meme

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