959 AM ooooo AT&T Back 1 Jackass Details I don't even go anywhere anymore I've changed SWEAR you just got a reputation for yourself now everybody knows and I feel left out you starting wearing less and going out more and hanging with girls l've never seen before!! Wait what isn't that a song? I know you thought we had something special but you don't mean nun to me Don't do this that is a song wtf why don't you ever fucking take anvt hina serious fuck Send O Text Message 958 AM ooooo AT&T Back 1 Jackass Details Text Message Today 752 AM Hey I wanna talk about what happened to us I just feel like ever since I left the city you you and me we just don't get along yeah me too I hate that we fell off Tay you just make me feel like I did you wrong you're always going places where you don't belong Nah don't feel like that I did YOU WRONG what do you mean where I don't belong? Send O Text Message 959 AM ooooo AT&T Back 1 Jackass Details these days all I do is wonder if you bending over backwards for someone else wonder if you rolling up a backwoods for someone else doing things I taught you getting nasty for someone else I mean I've made mistakes and had hookups but it's been awhile since we've been a thing Tay But wanna make it up to you Please But why you never alone? Why you always touching road? Used to always stay at home be a good boy you was in the zone you should just be yourself cause right now you're someone else Send Text Message My ex texted me today I can't breathe πŸ˜‚ Meme

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