9 CONVERSATIONAL TRICKS TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE COOL AND LAID-BACK PART 5 CLOCK WINGLES INSTEAD OF SAYING THISSAY THIS COOL THING I EXCUSE ME L WHAT? Time flies → Clock wingles Stop staring at me old man Roll slow Dusty Pinocchio She makes me happy …→ Mama knocks my moon rocks I'm wearing pajamas all day--Touchy tootie hole day baby Wait a man in a fedora?Wait a little cherrypicker? I miss the old daysFlex me back to Sweat Nap City He is terrible in bed > That hog don't hunt Wow I'm constipated > Ya boy got thundered Want to get married? Wanna taste a sweeter hell? Me_irl by _DRnX_ MORE MEMES Meme

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