9 December at 1528 · O People need to start to understand the real cost of losing our NHS Bernie Sanders O @BernieSanders What's the most absurd medical bill you have ever received? 0115 · 15092019 · TweetDeck 5052 Retweets 188K Likes Replying to emeSanders DrLearnALot-Sticky st 15092019 Replying to BernieSanders STOK to pay for our daughter's neonatal care one year aher the fact She died ty minutes insurance wouldt pay because we taled to add her to our policy eplying to emiesanders $100k for four days in the hospital a bi incurred after my emplover-provided insurance company overruled my es after birth and our $20000 after my baby Anthony died at Tarzana Medical Center neurologist and denied the treatment for my neuromuscular disease Ireceipt which was 15 minutes farther than tachedi +4 Gal Meisner gameisner 1709209 That is just cruel the hospital where he was born where we were insured Kaiser He choked on his formula and was Amy Vilela amydth 15092019 Replying to 8ernieSanders unconscious then died My dauohter Shalynne's 135Ok medical bi to die a needess death Treating her and saving her e would have only cost $1500 Al becase she couldnt provide 0201 1502019 Twitter for Pad t Like Page O 8 December at 1544 Doctors nurses etc are posting on twitter under hashtag #mypublicduty urging people to vote Labour on the 12th Dec Also here is the cost of medical treatment in the US even with insurance Everyone needs to see this 33 comments O Comment A Share Like yeah we should Vote Labour and just invite even more Migrants and foreigners over to use all our services and run it into the ground for free and never putting a penny into the system Like Reply - 1d Besides which the biggest problem the NHS has with privatisation which I agree is not a good thing by the way is with the private finance initiative system brought in by guess who Oh yes it was the Labour government Why you all think that Labour is a friend of the NHS I cannot understand Like - Reply 1d Write a reply For my family of 3 in the USA we needed to pay $1700 per month to have health insurance Health insurance will only cover up to 80% of your medical expenses AFTER you have reached their yearly deductible of $2500 Meaning they won't pay a penny until your out of pocket expenses have exceeded $2500 and then they will pay 80% There are also co-pays that do not count against your deductible and are just money spent Every time you need to see your general practitioner you are looking at $50 Need to see a specialist well that will run between $200 and $500 depending on what they specialize in Need a visit to the emergency room? That will cost $500 just to be seen None of these costs will go toward your deductible Get a Well first you need to your copay $25 to $100 is standard If they decide you Will approve it and anyone from then you never know what eon it don't need the medication or that it's one they don't like to pay for too bad you are on your own For my daughter to be born it was over $48000 So we had to pay $2500 to meet the deductible Then after the insurance paid their bit the remaining balance of us That is a S11100 bill to welcome our new baby into the world on top of the $1700 a month they want If you don't have insurance they will let you suffer and die People die every day over something as simple as needing their insulin shot for diabetes all because they can't afford it will be De bom deductible $9100 was on Like · Reply 1d then stand up and shout from the roof tops like we did in the UK over 70 years ago Lobby Protest if everyone in the US stood together and See more Like Reply - 1d - Edited yea good luck The country has been doing that since they took away our affordable health care 10 years ago It's how Donald Trump got elected he promised to fix it I have left the US and am living in England with my English husband and child They can have that country They literally were going to let my baby die if we didn't have millions You do not matter there unless you are bing from mega wealthy in the US That goes for everything from health care to food Food there costs 80% more on some numbers are much higher than that Averrage and rent is totally lost cor doul double Etc etc The American people totally lost control of their government at this point The reality is far from anything you see on TV Don't let anyone do to this country what they did to the US You want the US as military allies and that's it You do not want anything else from them Not their ways of life not their policies not their politicians not their subpar chemical laden food Fight to keep the UK Don't let it be sold off piece by piece to the US by your government Like · Reply 1d Write a reply GIF o Putting Politics aside totally Since the start of the NHS in 1945 it has ran smoothly and efficiently right up to about 2000 and then started to fail why is that ? Simple it became overused by over population of the country freedom of movement in the EU Mass uncontrolled migration of a war torn Countries Syria Iran so on Mass movement of None war countries North Africa and so on Then we also have the people from the US China Russia who come to the UK Just to get free treatment as they cant afford it in there own countries NONE of these have ever put a penny in to OUR country and think its fine to come here use OUR services and bleed the system dry If we the UK people go abroad have an accident or need treatment we have to pay and or use Insurance its only right that other people from other countries do the same Our Grandparents fought wars and for there rights to pay in to a system that was fair for the rich and the poor so everyone in the UK got looked after and cared for by the system that we created for ITS people Like · Reply - 1d a Hide 27 replies Here's some actual facts on that topic httpswwwchannel4comhigh-immigration-nhs-crisis In other words there's no correlation between the proportion of immigrants in an area and the performance of local A&E departments The Kings Fund estimates that health tourism costs the UK between £60 million and £80 million per year This compares to the annual NHS budget of £113 billion So health tourism accounts for about 007% of the NHS budget when that article was written Still think foreigners are the problem? Think again Why is the NHS getting more expensive? Estimated edditional cost pressures on the UK NS 201415 to 201sae snge ye ttenwnatnely refect the longteele terdens Sou e Yeer ForwdV N Trst caloetions ay 201 nuffieldtrust Like - Reply - 22h - Edited I have bought this up so many times with people but they seem to want to believe what they want Like - Reply - 22h And that is why the Tories win elections The inability or indifference to understand actual facts about decisions that will affect us our children and our children's children negatively in so many ways I just can't understand how it's normal to so many people to just not give a shit because it doesn't affect me anyway Reply - 21h Like That's NOT FACTS and channel 4 FML That's Media Bullshit for people like you to ready and believe there's massive flaws in most reports as Certain Foreigners once here are not classed as migrants they become British citizens half of the migrants are here Illegally so there not counted And take this how you like mate what the fuk dose a spotty nose middle class Kid who's not long got out of collage know of the world yet Dude i Pants older than you some people have Actually Lived and seen with our own eyes whats happened to this country Seen our once lovely neighbourhoods - now become like a street in Lahore that were once respectable neighbourhoods brought down to slums where knife crime muggings rapes and murders are now rife Whole area's of city's taken over by Ethnic communities and become no white zones some of us remember seen and lived in times where this country was Great Britain and we have seen where when and how things have changed with our own eyes! we don't need to see Bias reports from any Media or by ANY government Like - Reply - 21h - Edited BTW im not voting Tory or Labour i may yet not even vote at all ! there all as corrupted as each other they are just self serving Muppets that look after number 1 Like · Reply - 21h and if you think we have a democracy You will soon learn over time you have no rights ! you have no choices and you dam sure dont have freedom of speech anymore Reply - 21h Like OH and PS This effects me More than most ! I depend on the NHS Everyday !! as rasher well knows i had a fall over 25 years ago AT WORK where i broke my back in 5 places and my neck in 3 i ruptured and damaged and split most of my internal organs i now take 35 tablets a day and 3 injections yeah i do give shit as it dose effect me Like - Reply - 21h always happy to hear both sides of the story can you link us up with the reports that debunk what Troels posted? Like - Reply - 40m like most people you obviously only read what you wanted to read mate if you want to look at false reports Bias reports by Organisations & charities that rely on government funding to survive go head a mate knock your self out and do some searching Like - Reply - 37m Not so link me up mate and I'll take a look this evening you have to look at both sides in order to make an informed decision Reply - 36m Like FML you dont get it do you ? Like - Reply - 35m ITS ALL MEDIA & GOVERNMENT BULLSHIT ! All the reports both sides He said this they said that its all fuking lies mate on all sides ! they just tell you what you want to hear or what they think you want to hear that suits them you will never get any bit of truth out of a politician Use you eyes ears and brain mate make your own decisions on what you see for yourself not what some prick in a office has been told what to say and write Like Reply 31m stani's o0000ot Like · Reply - 30m » Bloody foreigners coming over and making up 13% of the nhs workforce providing care to everyone Like · Reply - 30m how do you know that So called fact ? Like - Reply - 29m did you count them ? Like Reply 29m Oddie calm down mate just asking for some facts some reports that back up what your saying? Or are you just saying what the tabloids tell you to say without doing any research just because you like having a legitimate reason to hate teh imegrunts? Prove me wrong your better than thay Like Reply 26m Ryan nothing to do with anything else now How long dose it take a British Dr to train in this country and what is the cost of that training and how much dept do they owe the Government for Uni and other training fees Like · Reply 26m i dont follow media mate its been 30 years since i bought a newspaper i dont watch TV I dont watch the news i Do sometimes see things that i really have no interest in on fb not from choice Like - Reply - 23m Do you get this information sent telepathically via secret signals sent through the traffic light network? Like · Reply - 20m the government are only here to make sure you follow the rules and laws of the land to keep everyone in line and to keep everyone working to there death to keep them and the rest of the elites richer and more powerful than anyone else The Churches & Religions are the same thing just an earlier version of the same oppression the more people that wake up from the Automaton state they live in and release they are just worker ants for the rich and powerful this world will never advance to a civilised society of free thinking people read all the fake reports and studies you like mate ill think see and experience things and make my own mind up from my own perspective Like · Reply 16m Do you get this information sent telepathically via secret signals sent through the traffic light network? NO mate i use my ears and eyes and make my own informed decisions Reply - 15m Like something you seem Not to be able to grasp the concept of Like - Reply - 14m - Edited Where are the real facts? Backed up by studys you say these are fake but can't back up that claim instead just keep rambling on are you an MP? Like Reply - 14m the real facts are fuking around you are you simple ? or just one of these people that have to have everything pointed out to u in a easy way with facts and figures on bits of paper Like · Reply 12m o It's clear from this thread that your the one not making full use of your faculty's here mate dismissing facts research and study's performed by experts in there field for what things you have seen on Facebook and what you have seen with your own eyes which would only represent a tiny part of the world if you don't check the news TV or do any other research Like - Reply - 11m yet another none free thinking person who walks around listen to so called facts By studies from EXPERTS that are paid by governments to do there HIGHLY Paid jobs to smokescreen whats really going on in the world and country you Can keep reading all the shit posted on facebook as i said i dont read posts on FB Keep your faith in the government and its lies read your none bias studies and reports Trust blindly what the and what you should think hment tell Tories Lib Dems Labour Greens Brexit None of them are for the people its just a job of power and exploitation of its citizens Like - Reply - 3m Write a reply 0 GIF Write a comment This was still going on when I posted this Meme

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