9 hrs Heyy all im new to the group i just thought id share i live in Missouri and i know Amish people somewhat well and they do not vaccinate at all they have ALOT of kids and i asked about infant mortality rates they said they have very little to none and i asked if they had diseases spread through there community they said none some people say its no problem cause they dont go into public places but they do i see them in walmart all the time I have many friends with children who are autistic if not one then all i just thought id share this info cause the amish are all natural and committed to nature and the earth! Like Comment and 929 others 2 Shares That's so awesome for them! Glad to hear about healthy people 1 Like 9 hrs Reply More What kind of Amish people is this? They don't do pictures let alone smile for one? Like Reply 9 hrs More this could have just been a sample picture off the internet2 Like Reply 8 hrs More you don't know about Amish then There are even some Amish on the Tik Tok app making videos with their cell phones! 3 Like Reply 8 hrs More it all depends on their district's rules 8 Like Reply 8 hrs More If they on TikTok how long before they all dressing like VSCO girls? Meme

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