9 mins Nippsy Hustle and Lauren London is a great example of how #NOT to be Y'all screaming #RelationshipGoals They are so #FAR from it Do you know they were together for 6 years made a child together & he NEVER married her Now his gone she has no rights to his FIVE business or money in his bank accounts no rights to his music royalties & h ONE child has to share their father's ssi with his other ld So what else does she have besides a broken heart & a child to raise by herself NOTHING!!! One thing for sure is if a man REALLY GENUINELY loves you he will put you ON your name will be on his property his bank accounts & he will change your last name in case something happens you won't be stuck out like Lauren Ladies y'all better PAY ATTENTION on how a man treats iyou So what if he looksfeels good does he make check for you too & not just for him? Does he love you enough to put your name on his propertyassets? How secure are yall really? Do you finance yourself while he keeps his check for himself & his bills only? #DontBeLikeLauren STAY WOKE ladies cause I'm always UP! anyway let me start my day Real talk or BS? Marriage Certificate or Mentioned in will Meme

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