90's kid fite me m8 mister ball - hax god - beat m8 at competetive batteling - likes to make ppl rage quit - he screm only watched the anime really likes pikachu - is trying their best -really nice -tried competetive once - has a full team of legends -angry -loves memes -genwunner - plays pokemon go to be cool lost nurse joy nyoom queen yaaas hello darkness my -gay - way too prepared for gym battles - gen 4 lover - shiny hunter -yolo threw a quick ball at a shiny abra - failed cried -nicknames all their pokemon - all of them - knows what team they want b4 starting the game old friend - emo - actaully scared of the dark -forgot repels help edgy uwu - has at least 6 pokemon named luna - loves dark types - catches all cool looking pokemor - pastel fairy type freak cries at every movie - kinky - mom friend - helps with finishing the pokedex - always chooses teh grass type starter disasterite tag yourself i’m m8 and queen yaaas Meme

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