91% 1201 am 1LE Yesterday 1112 pm Неу Youre really beautiful Oh thanks Do you have a boyfreind I do yeah Can I be your boyfreind R No thanks HAHAHA you stupid bitch you reallly thought i was serious?? Keep dreaming Yesterday 13 minutes ago Camera Dude I'm 12 I'm taking this up to the cops OMG i'm so sorry Its still illegal man But I couldn't know and I'm not insisting since I know you're underage How can I get you to forgive me? 50$ to a charity of my choice bruh Alright which one httpsecuredirectrelieforgsite Donation2?df_id=2924&mfc_pref=T &2924donation=form1 Why this one? My parents were friends with the volunteers Really great people they truly care about the ones they're trying to help Alright Thank you so very much for being part of Direct Relief and for organization's mission to improvc the health and lives of pcople situations by mobilizing and providing csscntial medical resourc Below is information for your tax records Gift Date Gift Amount To Support Sunday May 192018 $5000 Where it is needed mosT If you have questions about Direct Relief please contacr me at 80 hbennett@direstelieforg Thank you ngain for your support With gratitude Camera There The e-mail took some time R Awesome man There you go Dont you feel much better now? I do Thank you very much That was a good idea making me donate thank you for that And also sorry that I misbehaved You're alright man Thanks Type a message GIF This is the biggest plot twist of all time Meme

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