913 Capital FM - A baby was born in hospital laughing instead of crying the more the nurses beat him the more he laughed so hard suddenly the doctor noticed he had something in his hands so he pulled the tiny hands apart and discovered he was holding 3 abortion pills The baby then turned his head looking at his mother laughed again and said NO WEAPON FASHIONED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER! Comment AMEN if you believe no weapon fashioned against you this month shall prosper Share and Tag Like Comment Share March 19 2013 829277 people like this vagabonds-and-troubadours klubbhead libertarirynn classyclassic coolator cumomelet almost one million people liked this post What the junk did I just read? ❓❓❓ Amen I like the implication that the nurses are trying to intentionally upset the babies when they spank them Not just spank repeatedly beat apparently Meme

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