923% O AT&T 717 PM 1Share 949 49 Longskip912 9h Haven't seen magnets like that in a long time 146 Reply deckmeister1 9h Yeah magnets 50 Longskip912 9h Yeah magnets! 17 SJW_feminist_cringe 6h Shrek should be America's National Bird Shrek has been a foundation of America for many years I feel as if Shrek represents our great nation more than a mere eagle It would set an example for the rest of the international community to choose something that represents their countries as a whole a change for the better The people of America deserve more then a bird they deserve the symbol of free-thinking prosperity Shrek is the true epitome of the American dream Shrek is not white not asian not black Add a comment Haha make shrek the national bird! So random and funny to bring this up in a convo that has nothing to do with it! Meme

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