930 25% 238 PM Q Search America's Last Line Of Defense 6 hrs This is an outrage! we need to stop the flow of people from these shithole countries THIS WAKANDAN REFUGEE WAS ARRESTED TRYING TO RAPE A FARMER'S LIVESTOCK IN TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA BUILD THE WALL!!!! 93° 0 26%-238 PM TRYING TO RAPE A FARMER'S LIVESTOCK IN TUSCALOOSAALABAMA BUILD THE WALL!!! 2 Comments r Like Comment Share I'm not sure about this Doyou realize its a joke? That guy is Mark Henry former world strongest man and professional wrestler He's arn American and was born in Texas Also Wakanda is a fiction country in Africa created by Marvel comics Its not very funny I'm not laughing No didn't know he was a famous Texan Write a comment Aunt Sherry doesn't get satire Meme

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