95% 729 haha yup! No way you won money?? No I am in a sales group and my income is slowly and steadily climbing But I am always open to finding out what my colleagues are doing Tomorrow I have a meeting where I will invest $600 USD and it will turn into huge profits!! Far better than the casino! Much less of a risk too lol Being your age this is something I highly recommend for you moving forward my awesome nephew!! At what age do you plan to retire? I have no idea Hopefully I get rich fast sooner than later and retire before 50 I hate thinking about getting old lol Scares me But at the same time I don't mind working a long career as long as its full-filling and pays good Oh my! kyou're doing what me and your mom and your aunties all did We didn't know any better!!! I don't recommend that willy nilly strategy I can help you make it waaaay easier!!! Want to know? + Aa Never met my Aunt before in my life Decided to reach out Wasn't long before I had regrets! Meme

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