97% 415 PM AMSUNG Definememe war V1o Long ago there was the four memes Pepe feels guy troll face and nyan cat All four sent their powers to the human population For years people enjoyed these memes sharing them with partners and children alike Then the years changed and new memes were brought into light LV9 Some of them yet again brought happiness and humor into humanity's eyes Others brought tears of humiloty and offensiveness once we saw those memes Then they created the MMF The Militaristic Meme Force LV9 The MMF sought out to fight the bad and offensive memes The ranked soldiers fought against the bad memes by making wholesome funny memes Many soldiers signed up to be in the Meme Force including me It was a deadly battle of the memes LV9 Message Send Written by me to a friend a year ago God help my brain cells Meme

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