9months ago Okay so I'm crying I was very little when I first listened to this song and it was on an intro of some YouTuber So I whipped out my DS and I recorded the intro so I could later search up the lyrics or something Thanks to my large brain I didn't know how truly terrible the sound quality of the DS was so I couldn't hear the lyrics I spent well over 5 years trying to search for that song and I tried things like replaying it over and over and over to hear the lyrics or Shazam but nothing works! And after 5 years I FINALLY FOUND IT FOR THE SAKE OF ALL MAYONNAISEI FINALLY FOUND IT IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SONG LONGER THAN ALL OF HIGH SCHOOL! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS PEOPLE? 5 YEARS MY LIFE IS LITERALLY COMPLETE I CAN DIE A PEACEFUL DEATH NOW THANKS! Show less 26K REPLY Hide replies A 8 months ago Well done! There are a few songsmusic that I don't know the names of and really want to know 1105 REPLY 8 months ago Fireball12 try Shazam if you have them on a recording 16 REPLY 8 months ago you are gayer than the all male gangbang i watched yesterday 107 REPLY 8 months ago Why didn't you just ask the comments which song it was? A TRUE Story found in youtube comment section Meme

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