a cat? @lilpochaco FollowV apparently a young woman reported her abuser to her supervisor the supervisor took that information spread it & threw a party to mock her Emily Houser added 2 new photos 19 hrs This is what you get when you report a grown man for forcing relations on you and and manipulating you as a minor for over a year and you report it I guess My now former manager told my former coworkers about these allegations that were meant to stay private and they threw a Fuck Emily Houser party The world is a heinous ugly place Virgin LTE 304 PMM oi 86%- Virgin LTE 304 PML 8 shanano banano Comments shanano banano shanano banano Have your cake and eat hoe #petty danijaay #teamjosh 6h Reply jon-kushhh #teamiosh 15h Reply gummapumma #teamjosh Gh Reply mommykline This is hilarious h Reply kmarie xox Please tell me she can at least see this? Lol 4h Reply d by gummapumma houserjacob and 20 rs ano b anano Have your cake and eat it too hoe David Hauser Did they have this cake at the restaurant? Like 38 Reply More Yesterday at 1849 Emily Houser Yes all of this took place in the restaurant Like 3 Reply More Yesterday at 1850 a cat? @lilpochaco Follow the restaurant is chili's in whitehall pa emails can be sent to CHQuestions@qdicom number to safety & security management is 574-243-6606 RETWEETS LIKES 992 1033 whatbigotspost cartnsncreal Society should protect women And really not even “women” in this case…girls she was a minor What the ever loving fuck is wrong with people? Meme

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