a chrome 0 100% 1124 PM rDrugs uiamabrazil 1d I think I might have developed a crush on myself after doing mdma?? So I went to a NYE techno rave and did some mdma all fine and dandy met cool people hung out with loved friends yadda yadda great experience 1010 would do again Now to the part l'm not sure about I just went outside for a joint before bed because of a slight feel of the tuesday night blues not the worst usually don't get a bad comedownI came back inside like normal and went to wash my hand and face BEST feeling when u've smoked trust me!!! Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and got kind of mesmerized I guess I just got caught up in the moment and went for a cheeky kiss?? I mean I was just kissing the mirror but it felt like I was kissing myself and now I just don't knowl have this tingly butterfly in my stomach and it is pretty cool but also weirding me out like the fuck did you do that for man Is it possible to develop a crush on YOURSELF from doing mdma?? Will this feeling go away? 196 20k uSha dimetrodone 4lung oh? my god Meme

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