A couple staying for a few nights at Marriott Singapore decided to try their luck and made a funny email request Elliott Singapore Reservations Thursday 8 February 2018 at 1127 am Hi there Thanks for this email Our arrival flight is The vehicle transfer and room upgrades exceed our budget unfortunately My Wife has already booked our dinner for 2 at the Pool Grill for Friday 16 Feb at 730pm Hopefully SINGAPORE So l imagine we'll get to the hotel at about 7pm that is ok Our only other request is to have the attached photo of Jeff Goldblum next to our bed Can't wait for our stay And to their pleasant surprise the staff at Marriott Singapore actually fulfilled the request and had photos of the famous Jurassic Park star printed and pasted all over the room!! SGAG POWER LA! THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ITS BEST! I wonder if they would put up photos of Steven Lim if I requested for it! HAHAHA! Meme

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