a cute study abroad story from my history teacher polyglotaspirations leahrning so his friend goes to Germany to study abroad for 3 months right? and she's studied German in school but she certainly isn't fluent and she never put a ton of effort into it just a normal amount And when she gets to Germany her host family doesn't speak English at all not a word two adults and four children and none of them are speaking english it's absolute hell to get by she's constantly gesturing and enunciating and having to speak perfect German they weren't very good at understanding her unless it was perfect and it's three tiring months of nonstop German action and on the last day they're sitting at the dinner table and the father turns to her and says in wonderfully fluent english so l'd say your German's improved quite a bit since you got here OH MY GODDDDD Madlad family makes a student learn a language naturally! Taken from rTumblr Meme

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