A disturbing yet potent statement about how humanity was the real evil in this arc Human creations such as the Miniature Rose bomb are of the many examples of how mankind is the most powerful force on earth Though the WE'RE NO DIFFER- ENT FROM THE ANTS Chimera Ants were considered to be the main antagonistic force in their titular arc their habit of consuming humans and other species were nothing but a biological necessity Whereas humanity destroys more than what is necessary always destroying things for the mere sake of it The presence of the Chimera Ants threatened humanity under the pretence that they would kill us all But in actuality humanity was just having their ego and superiority complex threatened The corrupt Hunter Association decided to play god and decided to exterminate the Chimera Ants Regarding the nature of their bodies of the ants they gained the sentience of the consumed species Once the ants started to eat humans it's no surprise to see the new ones get a more malicious personality Traits like viciousness egotism indifference violent habits they are all things that they eventually share in common with humans Their sentience now equaled that of humans Do the ants deserve the right to live? Or should they just get squashed like any other insect? In the end the real monsters weren't the strange species set out to eat us you me all of NI> FACT WE CAN BE мисн WORSE us are the monsters PUFF PUFF PUFF PUFF Puff Puff The duality of Shonen Jump manga Meme

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