A Google User just now - Edit Working for this job is like picking the wrong line in a concentration camp Working in a branch is a nightmare Kmart's worst customer is our average The schedule is something out of a Stephen King novel Long scary and sometimes makes no sense Now you've caught you're big break and made it to the corporate office Be sure not to stand out or do a good job They prefer middle of the pack Not too good not too noticeable The owner and his two sons are not able to run a company let alone a lemonade stand Knuckle dragging cave men Theyll shun any new ideas to improve the business Like a blast from the past? Have fun using Outlook 2007 and Windows 7 Like bonuses and incentive? Well whats better incentive than a good job email from the powers that be Some of the coworkers are amazing others are the next inline for Darwinism At the end of the day my one suggestion to make the company better is to close its doors today Don't keep trying to present yourself as a good business Theyre greasier than a McDouble and will give you the same feeling Avoid at all cost you're better working in waste management its pretty much the same Final thing if you want to start working here make sure you have a 5 year plan Between gaining interest off of bill payments and having shady cash advance practices they wont be around longer than 3 Amsot stands for this M ost S uccessful O ngoing Till this day Meme

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