A LA CARTE AND DINNER ENTREES serving from 1100am-900pm t-su m til1 300pm 503-774-0274 Dinners include homemadde soup annd tossed green salad with your choice of dressing hot vegetables-of-thre-day homemade whipped potatoes with gravy dinner rolland your choice ofour dinner desserts Eree coffee or hot tea of course A la carte includes hot vegetables homemade whipped potatoes with gravy and roll MEAT&z POULTRY Choice of French Fries Mashed Potatoes OR Onion Rings & Toast on all Steaks Dinners Baked Potato On Fridays Only *STEAK & PRA WNS 8 oz Choice Top Sirloin Steak w14 delicious Breaded Prawns MAPLE LEAF STEAK Choice 10 oz New York steak served over a 11 95 1395 *NEW YORK STEAK choice 10oz 10 95 1295 tasty bed of beansprouts -T-BONE STEAK 12 oz Savory T-bone Steak Lean Nev York Steak 10 95 1295 1175 1373 *RIB-EYE STEAK 12 OZ Tender Prime Cut *TOP SIRLOIN STEAK 80z choice top sirloin steak 1195 13 95 975 175 Dinner Ala Carte HOMEMADE FRIED CHICKEN--a favorite--tender inside crispy outside LIVER & ONIONS--grilled tender calf's liver topped wgrilled onions & parsley HAMBURGER* STEAK--juicy ground beef steak patty topped wbgraby HAMBURGER* STEAK WCHILI--ground beef steak patty topped wdelicious chili63 81 COUNTRY SAUSAGE STEAK--spiced sausage patty topped wgravy 635 815 d em wlarled meaole any sveI& SUI SAT A ham AWAIN HAM-Vor sie HOME-BAKED ROAST TURKEY--sits on bed of savory dressing wlcramb sauceo!5 & CHICKEN FRIED STEAK--moist chopped beef steak golden-fried to perfection BREADED PORK CUTLET--moist tenderized pork steak breaded & golden fried615 BREADED VEAL CUTLET--tender veal deep-fried to golden color GRILLED PORK CHOPS--2 PIECES--juicy breaded pork chops-a favorite at ML GRILLED PORK CHOPS--1 PIECE--for those who can't handle 2 67 SEAFOOD Ala AM STRIPS & CHIPS--tasty strips of breaded clam served on bed of fries CIFIC COD STEAK--our own fillets battered dipped breaded & golden-grill CIFIC COD FISH & CHIPS--4 pcs of dipped & fried in homemade batter ED OYSTERS--tender oysters breaded & deep-fried nestled on bed of lettu ED SCALLOPS-delicious scallops breaded & golden-fried delic Ous golden-fried shrimp served wlcockta CL EDIED CHRIMP HAWAIIN HAM! Meme

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