A life-changing date I was out to eat with a cute guy at a diner He suggested we share a milkshake which seemed romantic except for me milkshakes were stomach assassins I didn't know why so I had simply avoided them Now though I was confronted with my digestive nemesis I can't drink them I confessed They make me feel awful Maybe you're lactose intolerant he said He slid a small white packet across the table Try this I glanced at the Lactaid label and looked at him to make sure he took a tablet first After seeing it was safe I opened the packet and placed the tablet in my mouth Half an hour later the milkshake was gone and my stomach had no complaints I bought a box and have had a pleasant journey through countless dairy escapades since As for the guy? We've been married 10 years now See less Feedback transpidermen transpidermen hi this is so funny to me literally cant stop thinking about “dude discreetly gives woman lactaid pill after she expresses concern over a milkshake on their first date and now they’re married” like… the romance of it all… Meme

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