a littlebabyidiot Yes there are CA genders and everytime you complain we add 5 more evalonandco cigarettesandguitarstrings Not There are only two genders male and female Why can't anybody on this dumbass site realise this God do i have to explain everything to your tiny brains Now everybody on both sides don't ever complain about genders anymore Ever Ok! Its two genders! Not 64! And especially not 64+5 for complaining Because that is definitely not the reason i complained and forbid anyone else from complaining The discussion is over! no more discourse! It's 2 genders no more no less an especially not 64+5 genders Comprende?! Bueno!! alivewiththeglory-oflove Oh great nice going now we gotta add 5 more goathazard 69 genders? nice quinintheclouds nice unsocialchapeau Nice artistically-gay Nice thekindagayone Nice howdoyouspelluselessness e prochoice-is-pro-compassion Hey guys I talked to @cigarettesandguitarstrings and they were being sarcastic about there only being two genders so I just wanted to formally apologize cigarettesandguitarstrings I appreciate it Thank you And to also formally let it be known Jokes and such can be misunderstood This was one of those cases These things happen and I find no foul It's all good wishes of good lives to you all by the way cigerettesandguitarstrings was just kidding also Nice 3-ducks-in-a-trenchcoat Comrade took a bullet so we could have 69 genders kinky-jew-more-radical-than-you carefully he's a hero Source littlebabyidiot 46404 notes 11 Taking a bullet for the team Meme

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