A milion thoughts crossed my mind This is wrong I just US committed murder in the second de aree I doh t want to gtoa What's the punishmeht for 2nd degree murder? Life in prison Tm not ready for that Ive aot to do Somethiha SIP LICE - Then I realed 1 heeded to aet rid of the body Somehow But wait what if Fregley's mom comes home and he isn t there? mean she could fle a missina persons report and Id have to answer a milion questions from the police But I don't think Fregley's mom even gives a shit about her child She's probably too busy smoking meth to even care about her disausting excuse of a son And how can I aet rid of his Corpse! +? Maybe But first I need to aet rid of his blood stains There's some bleach in the furnace roon That'll work corpse? Brn t? No Throw it in the rver? Fuck no Bury urh it row it in the river uck ho Meme

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