a month ago Now this is a school worth going to Trust me teachers are nice people are friendly Its like hogwarts but better So btw if ur reading this go to Max and go support him hes a great shopkeeper btw WE ALSO HAVE A KID CALLED MAX WHO SELLS AMAZING STUFF AT LUNCH Like Drinks Mountain Dew Coke Lemonade etc ONLY FOR $2 And he also sells Cup Noodles cooked!! For $250 Now thats a deal! The canteen sells crappier cup noodles for $350 Now thats a bargain Now go support Max the white kid who sells stuff 2 Share a week ago Response from the owner Hi as you may be aware this behaviour is strictly against the school code of conduct I have informed principa of this behaviour and a new punishment is now in place Anybody caught partaking in unsolicited activities that had the purpose of competing against the school canteen will be suspended for to up to five days and have their names recorded on the schools permanent record Found this review for my school on Google Maps Can we get an F in chat for Max? Meme

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