A Myth Originally a woman named Caenis he was abducted by Poseidon who fell in love with him Afterwards Poseidon promised to grant any wish to him and Caenis wished to have a man's body Not only did Poseidon grant this he also granted Caenis impenetrable skin Soon Caenis changed his name into Caeneus what-even-is-thiss storytellerluna nonbinerdy boykeats shout out to my fave under-appreciated unbreakable transgender hero The thing that gets me is he didn’t ASK for the impenetrable skin Poseidon was just like “cool cool but you know what you need? skin of IRON don’t worry bud it’s on the house” so… Poseidon made his trans boyfriend bulletproof alright Sounds rad I’d date Poseidon Much better deal than dating Zeus usually Meme

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