A N Death Stranding - E3 2018 4K Trailer I PS4 1038267 views O-li 0000000000。 These are for you the fans who have shown your tremendous ability to imagine search for clues and wrack your brains to solve the mysteries But the answers here are still only part of the mystery Our game is still in play - Hideo Kojima tactical-necromancy adrianianam charredasperity unlimited-nice-works succyfunhouse lothar death stranding fans are at it again this time trying to decipher the presumed secret message in lindsay wagner’s necklace which also might’ve been inspired by the quipu method of recording information cause kojima’s an actual madman @orandulum Russian Twitter Decoded it Kojima what the fuck Holy shit so I looked the song up and the music video for it was uploaded almost a year ago… And apparently according to the director the music video is directly related to the plot and setting of Death Stranding? So there’s been this Death Stranding quazi-trailer just sitting here for a whole damn YEAR before Kojima thought to mention it And he only mentioned it in a particularly obtuse code what the fuck!? Meme

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