A person with school degre ust a hi Harambe x10 and it comes back around and kills you A trolly that is carrying 300 puppys An infinite amount of Your mother watches eople Some boring road 12 chance + a bomb at the end harambes killer multiplying and going down all aths 297025271 babies that are vital for the earths future They are ugly thoug You are standing on a hill and look down to see a trolly full of 300 puppys that is clearly unstopable and is heading towards a track intersection There is a person with only a high school degree who has controll of the path of the trolly but is clearly lost at what to doIf he does not pull it it rolls down path B killing an inifinite amount of people and there is a bomb at the end killing all the puppies If he pulls it once it travels down path A killing 10 harambes and looping back around to kill the operator If he pulls it twice it will travel down road C killing harambes killer but also 297025271 babies that are vital for earths future and existance but the babies are ugly If he pulls the lever 3 times it will travel down road D leading to another intersection with a 5050 chance of either going down a boring ass road but it has a half chance of multiplying and going down every single road Your mother is watching it all but can't say anything as a promise to her former lover but she is watching what you are going to say What do you shout at the high school graduate? Meirl Meme

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