A rare moment of rabbitkin acceptance I went out for dinner with my anti-otherkin mother last week and as we were ordering our food the waiter asked us what we wanted I said As a rabbitkin I would like some kind of mixture of human food and rabbit food As the waiter wrote this down my mom yelled at me FOR THE LAST TIME OTHERKINS ARE DISGUSTING! THEY PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT! NO DAUGHTER OF MINE IS RABBITKIN!! As I cried and cried and cried the waiter said to my mother You are a small-minded bigot! As it turns out I am a plantkin myself and my wife is a spacekin! How dare you offend us like that! and threw her out of the restaurant The entire restaurant began to clap and cheer I got a free dessert and they added a new option to the menu Rabbitkin special surprise! MY EYES Meme

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