A Strange Man Saved a Rabbit from the California Wildfires VICE - Dec 7 2017 On Wednesday Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC unearthed footage of a man rescuing a rabbit from California's Thomas Fire which has already torn through more than 90000 acres in the state A local reporter caught the moment the man spotted the critter hopping towards the flames near Highway 1 Have You Seen This? Man rescues wild rabbit from California fire KSLcom - Dec 7 2017 Rabbit running into flames saved by onlooker in California 9NEWScom 11 hours ago California wildfires roar out of control whipped by Santa Ana winds CBS News Dec 6 2017 WATCH Man chases rabbit saves it from California fire International - WTHR - Dec 7 2017 International WTHR KSLcom 9NEWScom CBS News imx-doomer You guysI think I’ve found Doomguy Meme

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