- A Summer Story inkydandy Ugh Grayson what is the point of this again? It's summer! We always tell scary stories in summer I don't get scared by stupid stories Why are we under a sheet? It's for ambience Sometimes Dick's stories are pretty good FINE I will go along with this silly tradition Okay ready? A long time ago in the woods at the back of this mansion whispe er nis nis er nis hspe ispe and the zombie wolf crept closer and closer and What's happened!? Who's hurt? 0 WAM AHAHAHA-- Good lord NEXT MORNING l thought you took the night off I did It was Damiarn Stupid zombie wolf Stupid ToDD inkydandy Thought I’d do a fancier comic Took waaaay longer than I thought I figured I should probably finish it sooner than later because these months are going by FAST Meme

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