a the-treasures-untold Okay so I'm watching my friend's cats while she's away and she left me descriptions so l could tell who's who The Cats Here is your key for the cats The most handsome cat you have ever seen Looks like a cat that was drawn Samson- All gray by a Disney animator No tail Looks ke a cat that was drawn by a person who has a vague idea of Dobby what cats look like but in reality has never seen one lke she would speak with a squeaky voice Very short Will use her nals to o Disie Calico Looks l love you Obese Sitill adorable Looks lke Tony Soprano Probably the mob boss Wilson Gray and White They're pretty accurate 腊CHECK OUT THE NEW AND IMPROVED LOL Pics! LOL PICS FOR IOS&ANDROID Pretty accurate cat descriptions funny pics funny gifs funny videos funny memes funny jokes LOL Pics app is for iOS Android iPhone iPod iPad Tablet Meme

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