A THE UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF TIRE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA OF ARIZONA csn Arizona 9572-0001 Wildeat Family Earlier this week US Border Patrol USBP was present at a career fair hosted at the University of Arizona Although we recognize their attendance was solely to recruit students to join their workforce the presence of uniformed USBP agents on our campus especially without warning was is and will always be immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community As the Associated Students of the University of Arizona we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect support and speak out for all Wildcats including our DACA and undocumented students Simply put unannounced visits by the US Border Patrol are unacceptable The same day USBP agents were present on campus a Tucson family was arrested and detained by USBP only mere miles from the UA The concerns students have of USBP presence on campus are real they are valid and they need to be heard We want to stress the importance of notifying students especially our DACA and undocumented students in advance of visits by USBPIt is also necessary to understand the mere presence of USBP on campus creates an environment which negatively impacts our DACA and undocumented community Every single UA student faculty and staff deserves and has the right to feel safe within our campus community ASUA will work with the UA Administration as well as the entire campus community to take the necessary steps to ensure all Wildcats feel safe and supported on campus These steps include assessing changes to UA policy and procedures that better support our students every single student and campus member who has raised their voices for our We want to thank incredible community of DACA and undocumented Wildcats In solidarity Kate Rosenstengel ASUA Administrative VP Matthew Rein Natalyin Masters ASUA Student Body President ASUA Executive VP The student union at University of Arizona sent this letter out after Border Patrol came to a job fair Meme

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