A three-million-year-old fossil of a toddler-aged hominid Australopithecus afarensis reveals children could walk upright as well as climb trees A report published by 'Science Advances' looked at a thumb-sized fossilized foot from the partial remains of a two-and-a-half year old female named “Selam” found in the Dikika region of Ethiopia According to Dartmouth College’s Jeremy DeSilva “This foot is very human-like and indicates that the Dikika child was walking on two legs … However the bone at the base of our big toe—called the medial cuneiform—has a connection for the big toe that is more curved and slightly more angled than what is found in humans today Such a curved surface would allow motion of that big toe—which modern apes use for grasping We conclude from this and from previous studies on the shoulders of the Dikika child that she would have been able to climb and to also grasp onto her mother during travel” 📷 Zeray Alemseged fossil oldschool science Meme

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