A traditional Indian wedding with no Indian people #stopwhitepeople2k15 white folk really are the devil This is 100% the ugliest thing I've ever seen New flash you racist fucks You don't have to be Indian to practice Hinduism Being Hindu isn't only for the people who are from India or someone with brown skin They can do wear or practice anything they fucking want The two men in the picture are probably Hindu and so they wanted to have a Hindu wedding that means everyone who attends the wedding needs to be dressed appropriately Hindu or not also you can be white and live in India Deactivated Honestly people should just stop talking about my culture or my religion if they're just going to be an ignorant racist bitch about it As a Indian Hindu myself I would like to say that if white people want to respectfully conduct a traditional Hindu Indian wedding I have no problem Being Hindu isn't just a religious choice for 'brown people' its a lifestyle and if these men decided they wanted to lead this lifestyle we don't discriminate against them no matter the colour of their skin Even if they aren't Hindu they might genuinely care for our culture and as long as they are considerate who really cares! I appreciate the effort everyone in this photo seems to have made to conduct this wedding traditionally the clothes are on point and that's all that matters An Indian Hindu tells people that not only “brown people” can practice Hinduism Meme

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