A * X 1 16% 711 why ? Girls do girls things boys do boys things You wanna do both sure go ahead I don't want my little man running around in a dress that's just me though Why the fuck can't anyone agree to disagree lol I really don't see what's wrong with this hey but okay O if he's gay then l'll put up with it won't I lol I'd never disown my child if he were gay But I would prefer hi See More all Pesterday at 819 pm all + Follow 33 Sep 2018 at 329 am • Clearly I'm far from homophobic but I'm never letting my son play in girly shit No u can't wear dresses no you can't paint ur nails THATS FOR GIRLS that's what girls do you are a little boy I'm not letting u 2018 free spirit weird ass ppl convince me to corrupt my son Yal letting them engage in that confused shit that's where you as 3 Like Reply 11h PARENTS correct their behavior & let them know what's right and what's wrong When they grow up they can make their own decisions & live how they want to but no BOY of mine will ever grow up thinking it's ok to do girly shit Period Dnt try to argue with me cause ima block u Idgaf about ur opinion I SAID WHAT I SAID ABOUT MINE Pn 100% agree !I don't care if you want the pink bike that's cool wanna wear a pink shirt that's also fine play with baby dolls go right ahead you'll be a great father one day but no noil nolich droccon ond no rite a reply GIF GIF Write a comment Best friend blocked me and her gay friends from seeing the status in security settings screenshots sent by another friend my brother is a gay married mandrag queen Meme

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