A6 Monday July 22 2019 Portsmouth Herald wwwseacoastonlinecom OBITUARIES Sanders' early life in Brook taught lessons some tough By Adam Geller and more argumer our parents San in Our Revoluti lished after the 20 Painful argume arguments Argu seared through a brain never to be f Sanders' moth in a Bronx family children had long more relatives sa was reminded of time he visite Benjamin Glassbe father's ownership ment business a suburban house wit Long Island Back ir Sanders and his old Larry slept on atru the living room During recipro Glassberg recalls mother pushed h work hard in scho could do better felt at times that was her fault that AP National Writer NEW YORK Back on Brooklyn College's red brick campus this winter to launch his second bid for the White House Bernie Sanders set aside rhetoric for a few min- utes to acknowledge the neighborhood where he grew up The irascible Vermont sen- ator recalled that his father had come to Brooklyn immigrant without a nickel in his pocket Arguments over money in the fam- ily's 312-room apartment within walking distance of the campus taught Sanders early on what it meant to live This Sept 11 1981 file photo shows Burlington Vt Mayor paycheck to paycheck uT know where I came treatment for his mother whose health worsened when he as an Bernie Sanders Sanders says his family's experience finding was in high school dying when he was in college helped from Sanders told a crowd of supporters contrast- shape his view that health care is a human right it's not ing his New York story with President Donald Trump's certainly is not the case privileged upbringing in neighboring Queens and raised in the same six-story unsuccessful measure to have amore affluer that is something I will never apartment building his family encourage states to institute ing he says forget It was a noteworthy depar- was the end and they knew latest bid for the White House disappointmen privilege and that was not the case back then and that right now AP PHOTODONNA LIGHT FILE lived in She was in bed this universal health care In his Sanders allude 99 ture for a politician who for she wasn't coming back most of his career has avoided sharing details of his own Sanders' views on the need for nies to stop paying starvation someday our fam story rarely linking policy equalaccess to health care the wages as he promotes an move out of that the senator has hammered Brooklyn spee The death helped shape Walmart and other compa- mother's dream proposals to his personal senator said in a recent inter- increase in the federal mini- trolled apartment experience But relatives and view even as it pushed him to mum former classmates who grew leave Brooklyn for Vermont wage Sanders 77 was raised in the close-knit Midwood of our own That never fulfilled Sanders' brot Losing one's mother at occasionally now Sanders the age of I believe 18 was neighborhood in the years just has long lived in E himself - say there are clear very very difficult Sanders before and after the Korean not respond to an connections between the can- told The Associated Press War The areastill looks much request But in a 2 didate's Brooklyn boyhood Infact I graduated Madison the same as it did then with view with VermC and his decades of speeches High School and went to mid-rise art deco apartment Radio Larry Sanm and legislative proposals Brooklyn College for one buildings including the one that while he and E aimed at leveling the eco year and I decided to leave Sanders grew up in edging hadwhat they neec up alongside Sanders - and nomic pla Not le Brooklyn because I kind of wanted to get away from the community that I'd grown up Kings Highway and neatly ing their parents Was the rothy 8 an C argue over money tionally taxing kept houses on side streets neighborhood of families despite Brooklyn's The experience is one of current reputation as a denizen for young hipsters Sandersrearly liferand hisr Back then its residents were It's a deat in he any I think what and I took from th the notable parallels between ather o down- ye to Aunt s Sanders' in 1991 the first bill Glassberg financial problems just financial pr politicsne E erfrotemostly secular Jews along When he joined Congress with some families of Italian They enter into lives at very deep sonal levels and Irish ancestry Today Sanders introduced was an 27 the neighborhood is home to many Orthodox Jews with black Hispanic and Asian households in adjacent blocks When Sanders was a boy Sanders a unive turer who has be Legal Notice Green Party pol adopted country NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE ve of a Power of Sale contained in a certain Mortgage given Walter Wakefield the Mortgagor with a mailing address of 070 Lafayette Road City of Portsmouth County of Rockingham Midwood was defined by State of New Hampshire 03801 to Blocker Strategies LLC residents' awareness of their the Mortgagee dated March 22 2017 and recorded in the immigrant roots Rockingham County Registry of Deeds at Book 5805 Page 2874 the Mortgage which Mortgage is currently held by Blocker Strategies LLC pursuant to and in execution of said power and for breach of conditions of said Mortgage and for the purposes of foreclosing the same will sell at Public Auction at 1000 am on August 9 2019 part were American-born at the mortgaged premises located at 1070 Lafayette Road City of The Sanders b attended Jam High Schoo and their ethos as middle class and academically ri tution that als striving York Sen Chu Our parents for the most Supreme Cour Bader Ginsbu Portsmouth County of Rockingham State of New Hampshire 03801 The premises are more particularly described in the Mortgage and we knew what it was to TO WIT but our grandparents weren't Carole King a Former cla Sanders as struggle says David Sillen A certain tract or parcel of land with the huildinge Meme

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