aaaaa42 somebody once trolled me successfully rickroll'd me pajamaedprincess im not the sharpest n00b in the thread petitepictures I was typing kind of dumb WITH THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON ON meliafucker i bet u thought this post was finally dead adrithegreat well the memes start coming and they dont stop coming ginandmisadventures grabbing all the breadsticks I'll leave the shop running skeletonwheel didn't make sense not to live for gun phoenixflorid your left side's beef but your pizza none arreisofavalon So much reblog It's very wow Can this Doge meme finally die now? wingsonghalo It's spoopy how fast the memes spread They'll never die until we're glances at smudged writing on hand bread reactive-noble-gas Hey now! You're a dank meme got a new phone who dis? Source aaaaa42 486219 notes I aint the sharpest noob in the tread Meme

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