aaizawaa-m bye i hate the sexualization of underage japanese girls so much i hate it with every fiber of my being it gave so many people a shitty excuse to treat me badly in the past like anyone who likes lolicon can go die aaizawaa also this is 100% okay to reblog lesbiananti to the people in the notes the age of consent in japan is not actually 13 you nasty fucks did you like even read more than one sentence on wikipedia before spreading misinformation about an entire country jesus y'all are shit stains to the core aaizawaa you i like you reznorsbrat also who gives a fuck about age of consent? Imao do y'all really need a law to know it's wrong to fuck kids? manosukenaitou Also can those nasty pedophiles stop using the concept of age of consent wrong? Age of Consent does not mean you can fuck a child if they are above the age of consent It means kids from that age can manifest consent when having sex WITH KIDS AROUND THE SAME AGE Like for example if the age of consent is 13 it means kids who are 13-14-15 can have sex without it being considered a crime but a kid who is 12 CANNOT manifest that consent and this another older or younger kid making sexual advances on them would be considered cocsa Adults can only legally have sex with kids if for example the adult is still a teen aka if the adult just turned 18 and they're having sex with a 17 yo That's widely considered admissible and it's an exception to the rule So no you 20-something and older creeps fetishizing 13-14-15 yo girls real or fictional are still pedophiles and you're trying to use a legal argument that you 1 do not know about because you just read a fucking wikipedia article and did not take years of classes about criminal law 2 twist for it to fit and excuse your awful behavior Source I'm a fucking lawyer darkflamedmerkitten Source I'm a fucking lawyer is my favorite part Source aaizawaa-m dont sexualize children Meme

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