aaliyah @blackheaux This whole SJ movement is lowkey failing because y'all expect people to be perfect and refuse to accept that change is mostly gradual 11415 210 PM from Queens NY 75 RETWEETS 107 FAVORITES aaliyah @blackheaux Pressure to change is needed but not under circumstances where you feel your peers will persecute you for not changing as they see fit 11415 212 PM from Queens NY 51 RETWEETS 70 FAVORITES aaliyah @blackheaux Having people out here scared to ask questions or do anything wrong Chill on that fr 11415 212 PM from Queens NY 31 RETWEETS 26 FAVORITES 13 Alexis Isabel Retweeted aaliyah @blackheaux You can correct someone without the hyper-aggressive approaches and group attacks Please reflect on that behavior It's crucial 11415 302 PM from Queens NY 54 RETWEETS 92 FAVORITES Reply to aaliyah Alexis Isabel crylie sodomymcscurvylegs Y'all wanna be pulling receipts about something another blogger said in 2006 because it’s not that you give a single fuck about progress and changing minds and attitudes but because you want internet brownie points for “dragging” someone else and looking mightier than though BYE! fucking thisthis this this jesus christTEACH don’t shun ur methods should be to educate bcus guess what not everyone was given the same opportunities to be worldly and tolerant and guess what else i highly doubt most of ya’ll were born completely sin free u knoi had to learn a LOT about feminism and about different cultures and how to respect them and it’s taken all of my life up until now and i learned mostly from ppl that took the time to explain!!! Meme

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