aaliyahbreaux: aaliyahbreaux: desbreaux: Okay so like I said I’m going to document my transition! So its idk day 1? And all I did was decided to transition shave my face. lil update for anyone who remembers this post! 6 months hrt bby! Donate to My Fundraiser! so in light of current events (being cut from my insurance having to travel for work) I could really use all the help I can get to continue pursuing a gender transition! I’ve been urged to start promoting my gofundme in hopes that I c an still continue to pursue my goals. any donations will help immensely! and I promise every coin will go towards funding my transition! this money will go towards a legal name change, laser hair removal, an updated gender marker, hormone replacement therapy, facial feminization therapy and eventually sexual reassignment surgery! and I cannot stress enough that if you cannot afford to donate then do not feel pressured to! Click here to support Aaliyah’s Transition Fund organized by Desmond Smith (ps if you aren’t comfortable working with gofundme, I also have cashapp paypal upon request!)