abraxaswithaxes nyailist thatlittleegyptologist ezairick thatlittleegyptologist ezairick thatlittleegyptologist Fun fact Egyptian gods do not have 'animal heads' The depictions of gods are meant to contain a duality as is important in Egyptian Religion lifedeath red landblack land chaosorder humananimal So whern you see say Anubis with a man's body and a Jackal head it represents both his human form and his Jackal form meaning he might appear in either form But never as a human with a Jackal head That is only something you'd see on temple walls for the duality aspect How di you know?? I mean it sounds likely but where are you getting your information from? I'm an Egyptologist? This is literally my job But if you want a source read Silverman D 1991 Divinity and Deities in Ancient Egypt In J Baines L Lesko & D Silverman Religion in Ancient Egypt Gods Myths and Personal Practice Ithaca and London Cornel University Press 7-87 Thanks for the sources I had just never heard about that fact before No worries! I realise I put a full stop instead of an exclamation mark at the end of this is literally my job which might have sounded harsh so I apologise! This is a very pure interaction this is exactly how you should react to hearing new information that you're skeptical of or don't immediately believe is true take note reddit Meme

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