absurdlakefront: j-sillabub: kosciuszkovevo: closecaptionvevo: interstellar-space-cadet: I’m every one in this MAN 1 (in a high pitched, whiny voice) Look what you’ve done to my peonies! WOMAN (angrily) They’re marigolds! MAN 2 God! I think she’s right! They are marigolds! MAN 1 I may not know my flowers, but I know a (yells in her direction) bitch when I see one! It’s back! I looked this up because I had to know what it’s from. It’s a film called The Gay Deceivers (1969), and it’s about two straight men who, seeking to avoid the draft, claim to be gay, but then have to keep up the pretense when the army places them under surveillance. The man in the red cardigan in the clip was played by Michael Greer, who was openly gay himself - unusual for the time. He actually worked closely with the director and rewrote much of the film’s dialogue to reduce the homophobia and make it more realistic. As a result it’s quite progressive for its time, having a gay character, played by a gay man, living in a happy same-sex relationship, which is more than a lot of media offers us today. Plus the clip is delightful. I just needed this again.