acc 0000c0 jawn-a-thon feral-anarchy atreefullofstars a-bisexual-teenager cute-aesthetics-things The most powerful weapons are often the simplest ones With its enchanting glow this arrowhead is sure to find its mark at any time of day Arrowheads are seen as symbols of protection courage and strength as well as talismans to ward off evil They were also believed to deflect negative energy and protect people from enemies by absorbing their power These handcrafted Arrowheads are designed to be subtle yet striking especially in the dark The glow of this necklace can be recharged under sunlight or UV light This is the Perfect Gift for your Friends and Family! = GET YOURS HERE = I need this Well that looks EXTREMELY Moonshadow *Gollum voice* I wants it *Gollum voice* PRRRREEEECIOOOOUUUUSSSSS Meme

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