According to al known laws of aviation there is no way a bee sould se able to fly Bee Movie Script Accoeg o should be able to y ground The bee of think is impossib Ooh black an Ooming! Hang happening? paid good proud of going h FOw 11 Sy darry I told you plying in the he aal-Hey Barry hot gel? A little Sp lal day grade ion Never the rd make awk d T e days college I'm glad coka day nd hitchhiked aroun the hive there is no way a bee t little body off the what humans Yellow black Mast is ready -Adam lieve this is Your father We're very A perftort card all B's Very proud Maoto thing Owl That's met-W in Hay te y s shake it econd Hell sharp Sorry I'm excited Here's tho gra yt ge on your Thra days grade school t ree days h gh school Those were 3u di come back iforent-Hi Barry Ar le growing a musta he? -eah-You going to the fun ral7-No I'm not a squirrel I love this Jon't need ood-Hear about Fra goln Loo Everybody knowst oeone you die Don't wante Suc hothead I guess h cout have just gotten cut of h incoerating an amusement park into our day ns Boy quite a bit of pemp under the circustanc ell Adam tod we are men- We arel- Hallelujat Students faculty distuished beesplease elcom New Hive Oity grad ting class of15 That cenctudes our coremonies And begins your care at Honex Industriest Will we pick ourjob today? I heard It's Just orient lon Heads up! Here we go Keep your hands and antennas Inside the tramat ll times-Wonder wh be like?-Asttle scary Welcome to Honex division f Honesco and a p know th t you as a bee har you can vork for your who bring the nectar to the t corrected scent-adjuste d ur s soothing sweet syrup with its distinctive gol y That girt She's my cousin! She Honas we constantly stve to of existence These bees are strass-testing a now t Wt do you think he wakes? Net onough Here we have our lateatanc e What does that do?- Oatches that ittle strand of hor g that hangs after you pour it Saves u millions Oan anyone work on the Krelman? Of course Most bee jobs are sml ones But bees know that every small job t it's done well means a let But chose carefully because you'll stay in the job you plck for the rest of your life Themejob the rest of your ife?I didn't kn That's w vac Bee-mon-Ament welcome Dean Buwell We a Hexagon Group This is it! Waw Wow We ot to the point whare valiant Pollen Jocks omatically celor life e was hot Rig&You're right At -Y es nt the Krelman- ow that What's the pecies haven't had one difference ilon yearSeyou'll Just work e o death? We'll sure try Wow You'll bo y to know that boos as day off in 27 That biew my mind forever? That's an insane cholce to nave so make I'm relieved Now we enly have to make one decislen in life But Adamhow could they never have told us that? Why would you question anything? We're bees We're the most perfectly functioning seciety on Earth You ever thinkaybo things work a little too well ora? Like what? Give me one example don't trrg about Ploase clear the gate Royal Hectar Ferce on approach Wait a 9463 Oheck it out-Hay those are Pellen Jocksl-WwwI've never seen them ! Whar eriow can you say that? One job t know But you know what I'm One month ago I showed you the pencil case with the script of Shrek on it Now I bring you a pencil case with a part of the Bee Movie on it Meme

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